It struck me this evening as I am sitting in my lounge on a call across the planet.

The brass art hanging on my wall, that I was very fortunate to get my hands on, is old. Very old. Yet irrespective of age the subject has not changed. The majestic lion peering out from my wall is the symbol of the animal kingdom, it’s leader, it’s king.

No democratic election for the lion, he was born king!

He commands respect, is a symbol of courage, strength in the face of adversity, natural leadership yet still a family man.


How much better the world we live in would be if we, as a species, had leaders with these characteristics?

I could wax lyrical, however I am not a political commentator, I am just a guy who has beliefs and stands by them. Compassion is natural to most human beings, unfortunately it is suppressed in many cases as we grow older, become cynical and formulate opinions on all matters under the sun. Perhaps we should look at the beauty of life out there, the lessons we could learn and the caring we could bring from making a stand, getting behind a cause so moving, so worthy as Protecting African Lions.

For now, I treasure my art and I have made my stand…………



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