The past week has been quite busy and interesting. I love how ideas manifest themselves and how infectious enthusiasm ripples through our lives.

It would be incredible to capture all the ideas I have shared and spoken about and have the entire PAL movement literally going viral. In todays day and age it is highly feasible that this can happen, thank you technology. Now the trick is to get the ball rolling. So, please tell 100 of your closest friends about the vision and quest that we are on in Protecting African Lions. (P.A.L) Wear the bracelets with pride, get everyone you know to get a bracelet of support as well.

Supermodels, leaders of industry, Charity leaders, Coffee Growers and the man on the street are all wearing them, join us.

One million PAL bracelets, countless lives saved, both lions and human. #jointhepride and become one of those who really do care.

Thanks for all the support and messages of support. It is much appreciated and I look forward to the ball rolling, snowballing and touching every part of the planet we reside on.

Have a great day

Steve – @stevetravisuk


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