I’m one who is totally fascinated by the power of social media and the effect it has on our lives. 20 years ago, no-one was a twit, or a face booker, they never had Pinterests, or even tumblr down a hill. However we were all in touch with the reality of our world at the time.

I fondly remember growing up in South Africa, sending airmail letters to my grandparents in the UK. If we sent photos, it would be 6 weeks until the return mail notified us of the joy they had experienced. It seems so far removed from the instantaneous life sharing we live with 24/7 today.

Yet, as I write, there is a frown on my face, wandering how a cause as vitally important to humankind, to the animal kingdom and to the balance of the ecosystems across the world does not get the draw and attention deserved.

The plight of the African Lion is real. It is very real. I grew up in a country and on a continent where the king of the jungle prevailed. Now, he is hunted, bred to be shot and those few lucky enough to remain out in the wild are under threat of extinction. The actions of foundations such as Protecting African Lions (P.A.L) are only on the cusp of what could be a phenomenal wave of awareness creation globally.

P.A.L are all about protecting African lions, sure. That’s the main objective and focus of the foundation, however there are a number of brilliant, inspiring and very special projects affiliated to P.A.L who all benefit from the following and support of the P.A.L Foundation.

These Charities, Causes and Foundations all benefit equally from the sale of every Mccreedy Blue P.A.L bracelet (available from http://www.liannelandman.com) So, by showing your support for the pride, for lions worldwide, you are also changing lives. This is a critical connection between mankind and the animal kingdom.
Protect African Lions and Protect Lives at the same time! What a great connection.
Last night I attended a Business Awards dinner. 500 guests in rural Oxfordshire. The event decided to challenge the guests to get the Awards trending on Twitter. 500 people, 4789 tweets and retweets in less than an hour, and number 3 on the global trending list in that time. Thats the power of our lifestyle today.
So I have a challenge for you dear reader, for you to get on board and help us share the importance of our quest, of the Foundation and the plight of the African Lion.
I implore you to get your P.A.L bracelet of support and #jointhepride
Furthermore, I’d love you to stand by and get ready to help us trend #jointhepride and @PROTECTLIONS worldwide. We cannot do this alone and value each and every follower, tweet, retweet we can get. Please start now, but save the big burst for World Lion Day on 10th August 2013.
Lets make the 13th August the day we trend worldwide, the day we make a stance for the Lion, the day we change lives.
I look forward to you all joining the pride!
Have a great week

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