animals-lions-HD-WallpapersWell Hi all,

World Lion Day is upon us and as previously mentioned, I believe it would be fantastic to get #jointhepride trending across the world on Saturday 10th August 2013.

Your help in raising the profile to the plight facing African Lions will go a long way to us ensuring the King is protected.

Interestingly, this week in the UK, a branded cat food company has finally got behind the dire situation that Tigers face in the wild. Population now under 3,000 left in the wild, more in captivity. This is a very worthy cause to be sure, however it highlights that mankind is just not learning their lessons.

Yes, there may be as few as 20,000 lions left in the wild, however, by the end of the decade, lions will be extinct unless we do something about it NOW! Please support us at, wear your P.A.L bracelets of support with pride.

Irrespective of the topic, if you are on any social media site on Saturday, please add the hash tag #jointhepride so we can raise awareness across the planet.

Great news in Arizona where they are looking to pass law banning canned hunting and the breeding of lions just to kill them.

Details are

Animals are trapped within a fenced enclosure from which they cannot escape, then people go in and pay a fee to kill those animals. Many of the animals used in canned hunts come from private breeders and zoos.These are animals that are indigenous to Africa or Asia, but they’re bred here in the U.S. for this kind of activity.

Nearly two dozen members of Congress have co-sponsored a bill known as the Sportsmanship in Hunting Act, which would make it illegal to transport exotic species between states for the purposes of hunting.

The Safari Club International in Arizona has lobbied Congress and spoken out against bills that would make the practice of hunting exotic game in fenced-in preserves illegal. The organization based in Arizona is defending this controversial type of hunting that is against the law in Arizona.



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