What fantastic news I have to share with you, dear planet!

The Global Launch of Protecting African Lions (PAL) is officially taking place in New York City on 27th September 2013.

This auspicious occasion marks the public start of the Foundation, its’ ideals and the ultimate goal of protecting one of the most endangered species on the planet. The African Lion. You may think there are plenty of lions in the wild, what’s the issue? The truth is that the lion is the fastest declining wild species in the world. They are being hunted in the wild, hunted through canned farming, hunted as trophies for wealthy people (I refuse to call them human) who have no courage or conviction, just a mere desire to take what they think is theirs, no matter what it costs.

It has been proven that the hunt seasons in various African countries has actually increased local poverty as none of the income goes back into the community.

PAL aims to get protection for the king of the jungle.

I have just finished watching HRH Prince William inaugural TUSK awards where he stated how devastating it would be for a child born in recent months, as his son HRH Prince George was, could possibly grow up never having the chance to see a Rhino in the wild. FACT – the lion will be in the same situation by the end of the decade unless something is done about it.

To all the PAL Ambassadors, our supporters, our sponsors and you the general public, THANK YOU for your ongoing support. The most incredible group of people have come together from around the world to help launch PAL, including Colin Cowie, Soho House New York, Live Out Loud and Michael Eilertsen, Lianne Landman, and everyone else involved in getting the message out there. Mostly, to Conor McCreedy, PAL Founder, for his tireless work in building the team, developing the dream, eating, sleeping and living it every day.

If you are in New York towards the end of the month, then the place to be, and be seen, will be at the launch of PAL. You can come along, with 20 of your closest wealthiest friends who wish to support this wonderful cause. It’s exclusive and will be the event of the Autumn!


As you know by now, there are a number of charities affiliated to PAL who all benefit from your support. Please share the mission we have. Tweet, Like us on Facebook (ProtectingAficanLions) and get everyone buying the PAL bracelet of support.

Have a great week and we will be sending updates live from New York on Twitter, #jointhepride


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