Safari, Business and a Better World

My my my, how time flies.

I know it’s been a while since my last blog and there is so much to catch up on. Since we last shared this space I was fortunate enough to escape the dreaded depths of winter to the sunnier climes of South Africa.

A trip made that much more special by sharing it with my daughter Jessica. We saw family, a first for Jessica to meet her South African family all in one go, spent a few remarkable days in the Cape and then up to Gauteng to celebrate a life long friends birthday. Very special times.

However for me, the bonus was sharing a very very long day on safari with Jessica. To see her face, hear her excitement and share the space when she saw her first Giraffe, her first of many Elephant, her first Lions made the long haul journey worthwhile. We were blessed with the most incredible game viewing, including a kill right in front of our vehicle. Special times watching Mother Nature at her best.

As you know by now, my passion lies with protecting African Lions. I have enjoyed seeing the reactions on social media to my “I shoot Lions with a camera and not a rifle” series of pictures. A taster below.


As I write the world is gearing up for the 15th March Global March for Lions. The support world wide has been growing and we are now marching in 49 Cities and being supported by thousands of like minded individuals. To each and every one of you, I salute you and thank you for your care, understanding and voice. To raise the profile of canned hunting and have this stopped around the world will give the King of the Jungle a chance of survival.

More lions are bred and held in captivity than live in the wild now. If this continues, they will be extinct in the wild by the end of the decade. The most incredible high profile people are associated with the Global March for Lions, including Chris Mercer, Ricky Gervais, Derek and Bev Joubert, Drew Abrahamson, Paul Tully, Nikki Elliot, Christine Jordaan and many many more. Your voices are being heard around the globe. with details about canned hunting For details about the Global March and to sign up in a city near you. To get your bracelet of support and help support affiliated charities at the same time.

On the business side, SMT Global is up and running, the new app already on iTunes and Android platforms. I am now involved in two charitable foundations, import and export of some incredible jewellery, helping direct the development of an incredible Talent database globally, bought into a pub which we aim to grow into a fantastic group of food led businesses and oh, am still doing the day job.

All in all a fantastic start to 2014. I, for one, cannot wait to see what the rest of this year holds for us all.

See you on the Global March for Lions on 15th March 2014. I’ll be in London, see you there.

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