It’s T minus 3 days since the Global March for Lions.

I have finally found the time to sit and share my thoughts and emotions about a day that was probably one of the best days of my life. The world united and gave birth to a movement of change. What started with a single persons passion for the protection of lions, to ban canned lion hunting, became an event that transcended borders, countries and continents.

The birth of the passion captured around the globe, the birth of a unified call for action, the birth of international relationships and friendships, the birth of bonds of a common goal. Circa 70 thousand people, 66 cities, 22 countries, 1 cause. Ban Canned Hunting.

Throughout my work life I have always had an ethos that essentially says, “Do worthwhile work”. Whatever we do in our lives, there should always be a reason and we should always do it to the best of our ability, make a difference and learn along the way.

On Saturday 15th March 2014, our planet united to do worthwhile work.

I am a mere drop in an ocean of humanity that flooded the world with support, passion, love and a determination to have their voices heard. There are so many people who fight this battle every minute of every day of their lives. They work tirelessly to make a difference. They are true heroes to humanity, they restore my faith, they inspire, they call, we answer, we act. It’s the small way we collectively help make a difference.


Human spirit aside, social media played the biggest role in this entire event. 15 years ago we would have used 50 forests of trees in fax paper and letters around the world to communicate. It would have taken us 10 years to sufficiently get the message out there to have had an equal response of participants. By that time, Lions would have been extinct already. In todays world, this was achieved in 5 months. This has given us a 9.5 year head start in saving the worlds lions.

I have done so many wonderful things in my life, experienced the best and the worst of man, lived chapter after chapter in my book of life that hold the most incredible memories, lessons, loves, losses, passion, understanding, compassion, joy and serenity. However, the raw emotion, the naked love for the planets wildlife were exposed to a level I have not witnessed before last Saturday. For me, this was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. My learning for the day was that by not protecting the head of the food chain will effectively alter the entire ecosystem and balance of nature in the wild. Lose the lion and suddenly the single biggest threat (besides man) to all other wildlife has been removed. Their instincts will change as they grow accustomed to not having to be on their guard 24/7, complacency will set in, behavioural patterns will change. These, and thousands of other points, will upset the balance of nature to a point beyond repair.

I bow to the efforts, the direction, the passion shown by so many involved in the organisation of the Global March for Lions. I have the utmost respect and admiration for everyone who gave so freely and willingly of their time, their money, their hearts to this cause. As Dr Pieter Kat (Lion Aid) said in his speech in Trafalgar Square, “This is the first step”. Yes Pieter, following the birth of this movement we took a GLOBAL step. I can only imagine what power we will have when we have learnt to walk.

I posed a question on Saturday to a few fellow Global Quest Warriors (my new name for all those who joined in the march and online tweet storms). We have had Live Aid, we have had Water Aid, Comic Relief, Sports Relief, and relief effort after effort around the world.

My Global Quest Warriors, I put it to you, it is now time for a Wildlife Quest. There are many doing fantastic work for individual species world wide, well how about we put our species centric focus aside and unite for all Wildlife? Unite Lions, Rhino, Tiger, Orca, Dolphins, Wolves, Badgers, Shrews, Elephant, Pandas, Leopards, Jaguars, Panthers, Birds, Bees and every other threatened species on the planet.

I just thought I’d put it out there. Anyone want to join me on a mission to make this happen?




Have a look at the Global March for Lions Facebook pages and Twitter feeds to see hundreds of photos of this incredible world wide event. Global March for Lions


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