Hi again, good to be back in blog land.

I have been amazed as I watch with open mouthed abandon how many people, all with a common goal to protect Lions, save lions, home lions and educate others about lions land up falling into the political wrangling of a minority who have their own interests at heart ahead of the lion itself.
It is easy to put your name to a cause, bang on about it or proclaim to be an expert in the field (having never set foot in Africa), however its another when the very reason you care becomes a vehicle for self gain, ego, status and self opinionated drivel.

In my eyes, anyone who has the interest of the animal at heart is worth supporting. I am aghast at how people ally themselves with one group or another, how they turn and become vile social media commentators, how they twist situations and are always whiter then white. How it is everyone else that is being vindictive, or talking out of turn.
For me, the use of social media is best utilised to promote and educate others to the cause, to the plight of our planets Lions, or Rhinos, Elephants, Tigers and more.
I made a promise to support and attend the Global March for Lions earlier this year, probably the single most significant event ever in the name of the lion and having them protected. I also promise to mail out PAL bracelets when we have received your order, and we do, without fail.
Every action is another step to help protect our last lions.
THIS is what matters.10532778_10152676041479744_1536702680872697202_n

Publicly belittling others, entering into unwarranted dialogue provides absolutely NO protection to lions. It does not raise funds, it does not create positive awareness, it does no good to anyone apart from the originator.

If anything it diminishes everything those who are truly committed to the cause are doing.
I am fortunate to know some incredibly gifted, knowledgeable subject matter experts. I look to them for guidance, education and respect everything they do. THESE are the voices that matter, the ones who actually know what they are talking about. Not those who speak in their names.

This week marks the start of the Great War. Incredibly moving to see soldiers from all countries involved sitting next to each other. Former enemies at war, sitting alongside their now allies. This is testament to the changes they made to our world as we know it. Opposing sides can find common ground, can build a future together as a united force rather then fractured enemies.
This is my dream for the lions. That all our individual efforts connect to create a wider coherent web of strength, where we respect each others passion, try to understand the motivations, help each other, support one another and put political wrangling behind us and focus on the Goal!


One thought on “Focus on the Goal…..

  1. I very much enjoyed reading your blog. I found your insight Very Inspirational. I particularly liked the passion & admiration towards the protection of Lions. You’re absolutely right, if only people focused on the End Result rather than personal gain and corruption on a larger scale this would end the plight for Lions. Thanks Steve, hopefully making people think twice. Alison Hambleton

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