I am very fortunate and grateful.

That sums up everything I feel when I wake up each morning and embrace the day ahead, no matter what the challenges are, no matter the hardship, the desire for life and living flows through my veins.

I have been very fortunate through my life and my work to meet the most inspirational people imaginable, experience incredible places and, on a number of occasions, being the only person in the world doing my job. That puts things in perspective. From school teachers and classmates to colleagues, family, friends and loved ones, each has had a direct influence on me and who I have become as a person.

Having been appointed an Ambassador for P.A.L (Protecting African Lions) fills me with great pride and enthusiasm. This is a great opportunity to make my mark helping the most majestic animal in the world, the king of the jungle, a symbol of power and energy.

I urge you, one and all to make a stand and support PAL. No animal deserves to be hunted to extinction. Humanity has many synonyms including Goodwill, tenderness and sympathy. Supporting PAL shows the tenderness and goodwill and brings true humanity back to life by protecting these magnificent creatures.

I’m making a life stand for humanity, I wear my PAL bracelet with PRIDE! Hold my hand, let’s stand together.

Thank you for your support and get your PAL Bracelet today



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